Victoria Burnip, Unforgettable Experiences discusses Transforming Wellbeing and Cognitive Therapies

Centric Health Media’s Douglas Hamandishe speaks to Victoria Burnip about Unforgettable Experiences – a social enterprise that is helping people with a new form of cognitive therapy which uses a personalised approach and technical support to improve the memory and wellbeing of people with cognitive impairment.  

Victoria talks about their approach of providing bespoke content and matching people with artists and digital enablers and highlights the great feedback the team has had from participants and their carers on how Unforgettable Experiences has transformed their loved ones. A recent evaluation of those using Unforgettable Experiences has shown 20% improvement in wellbeing, memory and quality of life.  

Victoria explains how they have been considered as providing pre and post-diagnosis support as an extension of community mental health – working hand in hand with CCGs, ICSs and others to scale up and roll out the programme across the country.   

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