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Douglas Hamandishe, Centric Health Media in conversation with James Brown, NHS Sales Specialist at Tympa Health
The Tympa system is the world’s first all-in-one ear and hearing healthcare assessment device. It brings together three different diagnostic and treatment systems into one hand-held portable system. With the Tympa system you get: high-definition digital otoscopy for examinations, microsuction for wax and debris removal, and a hearing screening test. 
Better still, the Tympa system utilises machine learning (AI) for unrivalled predictive diagnosis, providing assisted diagnosis for clinicians. If a user requires a second opinion, they are able to utilise our remote advice and guidance service, Remote Review, where clinicians can send images and videos to ENT and Audiology experts for further analysis. All this is backed up by a fully digital secure system for keeping patient records, which can be quickly and easily shared, via a professional PDF, with ENT surgeons, audiologists or GPs, should the patient need onward specialist treatment. 




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