Making Healthcare One Language


CardMedic is a desktop and mobile app that provides digital flashcards to guide patients with additional communication needs through clinical interactions. Tim’s Co-Founder, Rachael, read an article about a critically ill patient who was terrified because they couldn’t understand what their clinician was saying through their PPE. This made them realise that communication is at the heart of healthcare, but unfortunately many people suffer from communication barriers, which impacts on their ability to receive the standard of care they deserve. The wearing of PPE only exacerbated these issues, bringing communication barriers to the forefront. 

Desperate to help, CardMedic was conceptualised and launched in just 72 hours. The solution holds a library of content in multiple formats and many languages, including British Sign Language and read aloud, that clinicians can use to communicate with their patients. All emergency content is free to download, with subscriptions available for larger libraries. It is now in use in 120 countries with more than 50,000 users.  

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