Infinity Health – Healthcare Task Management

Douglas Hamandishe in conversation with Elliott Engers, CEO at Infinity Health

In traditional clinical practice, many handover meetings and associated clinical and operational tasks are managed using manual, paper-based methods, and staff usually update clinical systems only at their shifts’ end. Critical patient information is therefore not always where staff need it, when they need it. They are sometimes forced to make partially-informed decisions, or use instant messages, phone calls, and bleeps to get the information they need.

Infinity is a healthcare task management platform tackling this issue. Staff to share and coordinate care in real-time, making handwritten lists and spreadsheet printouts a thing of the past.
Staff can access an up-to-date list of their patients, create and assign tasks to individuals and teams, receive notifications and reminders, and update their colleagues in real-time.

Using Infinity solves many communications issues that arise with current paper-based processes, and that lead to more than one third of adverse events in healthcare. It saves hours of valuable clinical time, reduces the chance of things being missed, eliminates duplication, and supports improved patient flow.



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