Unleashing The Power of Carers Through The Better Use of Technology

Centric’s Douglas Hamandishe talks to Darren Crombie, Founder at Upstream Health & Team Bridgit

“We know that preventative care can make a big difference. By tackling the social determinants of health, we can keep people well for longer in the places they want to be, and reduce future demand.

But our health and social care teams are stretched. We’re maxed looking after high need clients, and responding to COVID. So how do ‘we’ make the shift into preventive care?

The answer is: ‘We’ can’t.

We need to admit we can’t innovate, adapt and change at the same time as looking after those that need us most today.

We can run trials, we can make the right noise, but we can’t drive wider system change.

But…… The Amazing 6.5 million unpaid carers in the UK can.

They are the ones providing the daily care for loved ones.

They are the ones holding the system together.

They are the ones making the biggest impact to our health outcomes. (10 x the impact of our 300,000 doctors!)

So, it’s time to listen, learn and invest in them.

That’s why with the support of NHS England, Innovate UK and Microsoft the team and movement called Bridgit are changing the care dial.

Team Bridgit are building innovative solutions that empower carers with the tools and services to deliver effective upstream preventative care. From simple unobtrusive home monitoring devices, carer support apps with structured real time advice and guidance, through to their on-demand video carer support service.

Team Bridgit are empowering carers with the tools to tackle their financial, housing, educational, aspirational and caring needs, enables them to do what they do better than anyone. Helping carers to care for their loved ones but also importantly to care for themselves.

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