How the UroLift System can play a critical role in post COVID-19 elective surgery recovery in the NHS

Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust share their experience on how they successfully moved Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) care into a day case setting, to reduce waiting list pressures, using the UroLift System.

Hear from Malcolm Crundwell, Consultant Urologist, and Sarah Dalziel, Interim Cluster Manager for Urology on how this was a straightforward transition and how it helped mitigate impact on the Urology service caused through the pandemic.

Sarah talks us through how, as the pandemic started to ease they were then able to put together a Clinical Prioritisation Group (CPG) which enabled them to quickly realise that they could start agreeing a patient pathway back out into the community and how UroLift was the perfect operation to start doing this.

Sarah goes on to say “I would recommend UroLift, certainly if you’re trying to take work from the acute site out into a day case setting.  It lends itself perfectly to that.”


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