Harry Lykostratis, Open Medical and Douglas Hamandishe on Digital Innovation in Healthcare

Douglas Hamandishe, Centric Health TV, and Harry Lykostratis, Open Medical’s Managing Director and lead engineer, passionately discuss digital innovation in healthcare. They ask the question whether the healthcare industry travelled far enough on their electronic paper record (EPR) journey, and if it introduced real improvements to patients’ lives.

Harry compares clinical workflows to traffic controllers that need to land hundreds of planes on only three runways. Essentially, clinical workflows need to be able to land planes on time, in the correct order, at the right place. Harry describes the barriers that can arise if digital processes are not executed properly. Lack of visibility between clinical and administrative processes impedes efficiency; opportunities can be identified and leveraged by unifying clinical and administrative procedures- raising the value of both and generating a net gain. Additionally, Harry emphasises the significance of engagement. It is essential to address both users’ and patients’ needs. Clinicians need to be involved in discussions on digital innovation, and digital tools must be developed from a clinician-centric perspective.

Harry also explains the issues from the absence of granular data. Without granularity, clinical concepts cannot be conveyed as the pathway progresses, making data search and aggregation more difficult. Replicating paper processes on a screen precludes meaningful insight within data, as it overlooks relationships. Clinical notes cannot be connected with how interventions can affect a patient as a whole. Harry also highlights the opacity of the systems and how patients continue to be the best source of information. The information is recorded, but access to it is limited. Douglas asks Harry what sort of capabilities an EPR would require to capture this level of granularity.

Harry states that a common language and an API-driven system must be agreed upon. A system that is independent of utilities and software, enabling quality data capture and the generation of data-based relationships. He argues that there is a misunderstanding about what an EPR should achieve because individuals do not ask the “big picture” question of what must be attained. He further adds the importance of interoperability to create an ecosystem of data and utility in which everyone can participate, allowing primary care to be aware of what happens in secondary care, and vice versa.

Harry concludes the discussion by stating that healthcare is a conservative industry that will adopt new technologies slowly but surely. Finally, he invites any organisation to get in touch, adding that Open Medical wants to collaborate with everyone to deliver better solutions and advance digital innovation. 

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