Delivering ICS ‘Connected Up’ Digital Strategy: Strata Health system-wide intelligent access, placement and e referrals

Douglas talks to Clint Schick, Chief Executive at Strata Health UK about the company’s journey and their focus on optimising the patient journey over the last 20 years. Clint tells us about how Strata started in Canada 20 years ago and have since rolled out across the commonwealth, being active in UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and now the US.

In this film Clint explains the synergies in healthcare structure in the UK and Canada – how Canada’s 10 provinces are all devolved but run separately, comparing it to the shift in the NHS from SHAs to trusts to CCGs to STPS and now ICSs. He talks about how important the move to ICSs is and how we all need to work together to find efficiency, break down and work across silos.

Clint talks about Strata’s vision and solution – a web-based app which underpins great ideas in patient-centred care and how Strata is helping, indeed proven to dramatically reduce delayed transfer of care, speed up moving patients out of hospital and reducing waiting times, while reducing length of stay, and enhancing better patient transitions and better outcomes.

Strata is now looking at social prescribing and looking at the patient discharge process, getting patients home and assessing them – by understanding their needs in that home and then escalating to pathways. This is all led by the patient and initiated by the patient. Clint also talks about the mental health element which has been exacerbated by Covid. He stresses that accessibility to mental health services is key and using technology can help to give better access to CBT or other interventions that will make a huge difference.

Patient-centred care important to Strata, as is the wrap around social infrastructure – there are big plans afoot that will impact on social care and enhance the patient-centred focus


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