Clinical Master Series – Pip Hodgson, Front Line Tech & Challenges

 Shocking, 62% of nurses are on some form of antidepressant!

This latest result does not shock me, In 2018 pre covid a senior NHS nurse told LBC that she and her team of five are taking antidepressants just to cope with the stresses of work, There has been a decline in the mental health of nurses across the globe during COVID-19. The rising costs of living, stress, and burnout all make the ingredients for the perfect storm.

As a transformational leader, I often find myself asking, is there too much technological disruption to our already tired, overburdened, and drilling workforce?

My hope and optimism were renewed after catching up with Pip Hodgson for the Centricity Clinical Master Series Podcast – Front Line Tech and Challenges.

Something special happens when clinicians lay to bare what it is ‘actually’ like working on the front line during a pandemic and then switching into informatics mode to drive through technologies that are intended to make a difference.

We covered the human impact of transformation, mental wellBeing, nursing and digital agenda, Integrated care systems, working with multiple EPRs, book recommendations and so much more.

Pips Special Message to the NHS Workforce THANK YOU!

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