Alphalake AI – Hybrid Automation


By watching this video you will get a clear view of the current landscape for adoption and deployment of automation for the NHS from Alphalake CEO and Founder, Olly Cogan.

We are increasingly being made aware, and shown, that automation is a must have for a modern day, digital healthcare system. Because of this there are various opportunities that need to be actioned for the NHS, and the wider healthcare sector, to deliver results that will really drive tangible, measurable progress.

You will hear Olly detail why designing a personal experience is now a much needed fresh approach for all parties that deal with the NHS and healthcare organisations. Alongside this, you’ll be able to understand how Alphalake Ai can deliver to build a semi-autonomous healthcare leading to clinicians getting back into care. Finally, why this is important to not only the team at Alphalake Ai but you as a patient, visitor, or customer.

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