Fight against COVID-19 – remote monitoring to identify silent hypoxia

Every day, thousands of patients use Docobo’s DOC@HOME remote monitoring platform to record their blood oxygen levels in their own homes. The NHS recommends the use of oximetry at home to monitor and identify ‘silent hypoxia’ as oxygen levels are recognised as the best way to identify patients most at risk of poor outcomes due to COVID-19 .

Docobo has developed new functionality to enable patients to easily enter their pulse oximetry reading via a simple SMS text message. The DOC@HOME platform will alert clinicians if lower levels of blood oxygen are reported when using home pulse oximetry kits, which means clinicians can monitor their levels and intervene when required.

The condition known as ‘silent hypoxia’ can occur when COVID-19 causes oxygen deprivation that is difficult to detect and patients do not present noticeable breathing difficulties. Conditions may have already significantly deteriorated despite showing no symptoms. The use of oximetry to monitor and identify ‘silent hypoxia’ and rapid patient deterioration at home is recommended for these patients, as it can rapidly detect even small changes in how efficiently oxygen is being carried to the extremities furthest from the heart, including the legs and the arms.

The DOC@HOME platform is a digital remote monitoring and case management solution for patients in their own place of residence or within care homes, providing out of hospital remote patient monitoring across the UK. In addition to collecting blood oxygen, DOC@HOME also collects other vital signs (such as blood pressure, weight, temperature, etc) and patients can record any symptoms they are presenting with relevant self-help information is provided to the patient.

Adrian Flowerday, Docobo MD says: “This new functionality is vital in the fight against COVID-19 and silent hypoxia, as it means that patients can enter their pulse oximetry reading via SMS and clinicians on the DOC@HOME platform can monitor their levels and intervene when necessary. The low-cost SMS option makes it very easy to deploy in large numbers without the need for additional equipment”

The functionality is readily available for all DOC@HOME users.

About Docobo

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