Interoperability – at its most basic level involves two or more systems communicating with each other, a higher level of interoperability is required to meet of Health & Social Care requirements particularly concerning mobilization. Where care workers delivering care in the community – away from the mothership.  Typically, the worker will be using mobile devices to access patient and update patient information, that needs to be sent back to the back office system(s) EPR, accurately, comprehenously and in a timely manner.

through sending information between each other with each system  the messages being communicated  , simple in concept yet proving illusive to achieve in the Health & Social care market.

Olympian detachment

Uninitiated mind the challenges of interoperability are systems being overly complicated and difficult to connect.  This is part is true,  however a closer appraisal of the situation reveals that interoperability is not that difficult task to achieved    it similar hurdles have been overcome in other areas such as finance which have equally or more complex transactions to resolve,  the shipping industry and avionics.  So what’s the real issue…… Need…. Political motivation…

The npft helped in documenting the plan similar to the Google cars used to map the roads used for our navigation,  with plan I’m place there should be no problem,  but the map does not explain to the user the terrain.  It does not tell the user the obstacles that they shall face in order to achieve interoperability

Within health it has formed a core requirement in the procurement process yet systems newly implemented still have not delivered on their promise of interoperability.  Where NHS Trusts sold products based on smoke and mirrors, how can trust force their suppliers to honour their contracts.  These questions it would appear need to be asked at the highest level in government,  as the forum,  boardmeerting have proven futile.

Maybe this is a subject suitable for despatched or panorama

The last bastuen

Rubicon has yet to be crossed.

The world in which systems could all talk to one another and pass information has yet to materialise, for reason unbkwon to the general p

To the uninitiated mind,the problem appears to be a mixture of complex coding – API’s,  competting interests with software companies, a lack of leadership and conhesnsion and the fall out of the  now defunct National Programme has left a terrain looking even bleaker for interoperability. The one system solution that was being pandered has yet to materalise, I agree that interoperbiity is a ideal to asipre to achieve and that it shall eventually come about however I feel it shall not appear in the guise in which it has been touted.

The simplest way this can be achieved is by all services using the same system, so is this really interoperability