A lot of people are terrified of pressing record, I used to be terrified of going live with digital content. The mere mention of “Recording” made me break into a panic, because iI was so fixated of making mistakes I don’t want to be perceived as making mistakes because somehow people will look at me as unauthentic, a fraud who doesn’t know anything!

But let me tell you something. Even the professionals make loads and loads of mistakes. If I was to play you back the content that I have delivered that are riddled with mistakes. You’ll be laughing your socks off!

But i’ll say that’s part of the process. Okay, don’t view them as a mistake. View them as a ‘must take’ these are takes that you have to keep on doing in order for you to refine your message. They’re not mistakes they are ‘must takes’ so don’t let that prevented you pressing record.

3 Quick tips
Wear something comfortable
Write down an outline and rehearse your content
Laugh before you record